Chefetage :
Mario Kuhlmann is Dortmund based and 32 years old, loving electronic music for over 15 years now.
He finally got caught by electronic music when he first visitied the Sound Garden Dortmund, by
thenresidented by Nathalie De Borah. He was so much impressed by this sound that he from then
never wanted to listen to anything else. His favourite clubs were: Depot (Münster),
Fusion Club (Münster), Tor 3(Düsseldorf) and Factory (Dortmund, Kley). Just about millenium
he bought his first equipment, including belt driven turntables and a 2-channel-mixer.
He quickly improved his skills and learned a lot about music equipment. When he experienced
an amzing live act by Brixton in 2002, he decided to create all this unique sounds by himself
instead of onlymixing it. From that time on he created a lot of impressive and unique sounds,
due to his huge arsenal of equipment.He prefers producing and playing genres like Acid, Techno,
Wonky, Brighton and Industrial. By now he’s playing live acts in clubs like Fusion Club Münster,
Butan Club Wuppertal, Timeless Dortmund and many more. But most of all his big passion is music
production with his very unique style.